Relationship Problems

All relationships go through difficult stages, many of which the couple resolves together, without professional help, moving forward to stronger commitment and a better understanding of each other.  Sometimes, however, couples are not able to resolve their issues and accessing a third party with professional skills and an empathic stance towards both people in the relationship can help the couple move beyond the blindspots which keep them “stuck.”

Common signs that a couple may benefit from professional help include:

  • One or both of the couple has had an affair (emotional or physical) or have been contemplating this
  • One of both seem preoccupied with interests outside of the relationship and one or both feel neglected because of these competing interests
  • The couple has repetitive themes in their arguments that do not seem to get resolved or move forward
  • Living parallel lives rather than participating in shared interests
  • Feeling out of love, or increased feelings of dissatisfaction in the relationship
  • Arguments over parenting which cannot be resolved.

If you have concerns about your relationship, please contact our Principal to discuss these.