Drug & Alcohol Concerns

The overuse and/or misuse of alcohol and other drugs is common and causes many difficulties for sufferers and their families.  Many people have a concept in their head that someone with a substance-use disorder is homeless, out of work and drinks/drugs all day and night.  This is not so.  The majority of clients seeking help for alcohol and/or other drugs are people who go to work everyday and have mortgages or rental commitments, but recognise that their drinking or drug use is becoming out of their control and causing difficulties in their relationships or performance at work or school.  Some of these people drink or use drugs every day, while others experiencing significant difficulties with alcohol or drugs still consider themselves only social users.

Often people suffering from anxietydepression or other mental health problems will use alcohol or other substances to reduce their suffering (in the short term.) This is called comorbidity and requires treatment and diagnosis by a professional to ensure both conditions are treated appropriately.

If you have any concerns about yourself or someone around you, please contact our Principal to discuss these.